Vampire Facelift® (PRP Biocelluar Facelift)

RevitaLife offers many facial rejuvenation treatments to restore volume and reduce wrinkles, but only the Vampire Facelift® harnesses the power of the body’s stem cells to provide long-lasting results. Vampire Facelift® has become a commonly used term for the PRP Biocellular Facelift that uses the patient’s own blood to create platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is re-injected to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look.

The PRP biocellular facelift doesn’t inject any filler into the body other than the plasma. Traditional fillers use hyaluronic acid and other substances to replace lost collagen, while the PRP biocellular facelift doesn’t directly inject volume. Instead, it stimulates your body to produce new cells that not only provide volume but also restore the appearance of younger skin.

Even as we age, the body retains key building blocks that are necessary for healing. The PRP Biocellular Facelift uses this healing power to rejuvenate the skin tissue in the facial area.

Beautiful Woman with Beautiful Face

This is a completely nonsurgical procedure that starts with a draw of approximately two teaspoons of your own blood. This small amount of blood is then placed into a centrifuge to harvest the PRP, which is then activated to release the 20+ cytokines from the cell membranes that accelerate healing.

Before the very small needles are used to inject the PRP, a small amount of numbing agent is rubbed on the injection site. The plasma is then strategically applied into the facial area to stimulate your cells to create new collagen, blood vessels, and fatty tissue that give your face new life.

  • New collagen restores elasticity and firmness.
  • New blood vessels restore the rosy glow of youth.
  • New fatty tissue fills wrinkles and folds.

Full results take about two to three months to appear and can last up to two years.