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If you are fighting resistant fat with diet and exercise but not getting the results you desire, CoolSculpting® at RevitaLife of Sarasota may be the solution for you. Simply stated, diet and exercise cannot always produce the body sculpting or body contouring results you want. No matter how much time you spend exercising or how many snacks you skip, stubborn fat deposits and cellulite remain in areas where you don’t want them.

It is not all your fault. Some fat deposits, especially in the belly area, seem to resist all efforts at removal through diet and exercise alone. If you are tired of fighting resistant fat, CoolSculpting® right here in Sarasota is the body sculpting and body contouring option that delivers proven results to help you get your body back. Because CoolSculpting® is nonsurgical and noninvasive, you don’t have to worry about recovery or downtime. That means you can get back to your life immediately after treatment.

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Not everyone is a candidate for body contouring. It is not for the treatment of obesity, but it is for targeted treatment of stubborn fat deposits and cellulite removal.

  • Are you ready to tackle unwanted fat on the chin, arms, abdomen, love handles, thighs, and buttocks?
  • Are you concerned about the dangers of liposuction?
  • Are you too busy to take time off to recover from surgery or invasive procedures?

If so, then body contouring may be right for you. The RevitaLife team will be happy to discuss your body image goals and determine the treatments that will help you achieve them. Call RevitaLife today to schedule your consultation.

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How CoolSculpting® Reduces Stubborn Areas of Fat

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Good diet and regular exercise are vital when it comes to weight loss and maintaining good health. However, for many people, stubborn fat can be a real issue. Problem areas of excess fat are most commonly found around the abdomen, hips, bottom, and thighs. Regardless of how well you eat or how regularly you work out, they simply refuse to budge. It’s frustrating, especially when you’ve put in so much effort to improving your lifestyle. If you want to get rid of that resistant fat, body contouring with CoolSculpting® may be the solution for you.

CoolSculpting® is a truly revolutionary way to reduce stubborn, unsightly areas of fat. Unlike other forms of fat removal, the procedure is nonsurgical. It involves the use of highly controlled cooling to the affected area, which essentially freezes and kills fat cells. Over time, the treated fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated by the body, leaving you with a noticeably slimmer physique. Better still, the after-effects are noticeable and long-lasting.

When you lose weight, fat cells typically reduce in size but they don’t disappear. When you gain weight, those existing fat cells expand, giving you a larger appearance. CoolSculpting® is entirely different. Rather than shrinking fat cells, it eradicates them for good. The scales may not register a difference, but your reflection in the mirror certainly will.

CoolSculpting® is a quick, simple, and gentle process. It is FDA cleared, which means it is officially approved as being a completely safe way to eliminate excess fat cells. CoolSculpting® has earned a reputation as one of the most effective, noninvasive paths to a slimmer, more streamlined figure. In just one or two visits, RevitaLife can send you on your way to a slimmer, more youthful appearance.

CoolSculpting® Awards

CoolSculpting® receives NewBeauty magazine’s award for five consecutive years—2013 through 2017—including the “Best Allover Fat Fighter” and “Fight Fat in a Flash” awards. CoolSculpting® has been applauded by clinicians for being the “gold standard” for noninvasive fat reduction and for being a procedure that reliably works through the years.

CoolSculpting® Wins NewBeauty Award 5th Year in a Row!

CoolSculpting 2016 Award

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